Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog Entry #5.2 - TV PSA 1

1. Campaign Title:
Hands-Only CPR

2. Advertisement Title:
Hand Walker

3. Web Address:

4. What was the target audience of the PSA?
Teens and children

5. What social benefit was promoted by the PSA?
More people will know how to react if someone were to collapse in the street. They would be able to help the person.

6. What was the "tag line" of the PSA?
Hands can do incredible things.

7. What organization sponsers this PSA?
American Heart Association

8. Describe what is shown/happens in the PSA.
A man is walking on his hands through out most of the video which shows how hands can do almost anything.

9. Describe what makes this PSA memorable.
The man walking down the steps on his hands in the beginning of the video.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Entry #5.9B Evaluation

Name of PSA: Bristol Palin on Abstinence

Target audience: Teens

Tag line: Pause before you play

Message: Think before you get ready to have sex. Use protection.

Sound used: Baby lullaby, Bristol Palin's voice and her baby

Visual imagery used: Her life with the fame and without which shows that she's only fortunate cause of her family but others do not have the support that she has.

Text used: The Candie's Foundation

How did you feel when viewing this PSA? What were your emotions? I felt sorry for her.

What action do you feel you need to take after viewing this PSA? Wait until I can support a child to have one.

What is one specific change that would make this PSA more effective? Explain that other people don't have what she has so they live a harder life.

Blog Entry #5.9A - Evaluation

Name of PSA: Brain on Drugs

Target audience: People under drug influence or people who are tempted to do drugs.

Tag line: Any Questions?

Message: Drugs will ruin your life.

Sound used: Glass breaking, a yelling teen, a smashed egg, breaking lights, objects falling.

Visual imagery used: The kitchen is used as an example of your family and how it would be effected if you had an addiction.

Text used: Partner for a Drug-Free America

How did you feel when viewing this PSA? What were your emotions? Makes me not want to do drugs even more.

What action do you feel you need to take after viewing this PSA? Talking to people who may have a drug problem and let them know the effect it has on the people around them.

What is one specific change that would make this PSA more effective? Show pictures of a happy family before someone developed a drug addiction. Then show the family in tears and in hardship cause of the addiction.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Entry # 5.5 - Issue Research

1. Are you working alone or in a group? If you are working in a group, who are your group member(s)?

I am working alone.

2. What social issue have you been assigned?

Hunger Prevention

3. In order to develop an effective PSA you must feel a personal connection to the social issue that you are addressing. What does this social issue mean to you?

I feel it's not fair that some people are starving while others are just throwing away or wasting the food they have.

4. What group(s) is/are affected by your assigned social issue?

People in third world countries and homeless people all over the world.

5. What potential negative impact can this issue have?

People may steal from others so they can afford to buy food. This can also be a reason we have so many drug dealers trying to make money for their families.

6. What research (statistics) can you use to support your argument that this is a social issue that needs to be addressed?

Number of children who are starving or died or starvation. 15,000,000

Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger

Children who weigh less than they should for their age. 183 million

7. Agency/Organization

a. List the name of an agency/organization that has been established to address your assigned social issue. United Way of New York City

b. What is their complete contact information? (Include web address, phone number and street and/or email address.) 2 park avanue - New York, NY 10016. Tel: 212-251-2500

c. Describe how this organization is connected to your social issue. They help supply to emergency food relief preograms which help people who are starving in the world.

8. What steps can be taken to address this issue? (List at least three steps that can be taken.)

a. Donate money to the hunger relief programs

b. Stop wasting and buying unnecessary food.

c. Donate food to the poor who are living on the street

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blog Entry # 5.1 - Definitions

  1. What is a public service announcement (PSA)?
    A public service announcement is an ad or commercial directed towards the public.

  2. Describe an example of a PSA you have seen before.
    An example of a PSA I saw before was Living under the influence.

  3. What social benefit is promoted by the PSA you selected in question 2?
    The PSA helps prevent teens and adults from smoking by showing them some of the lifestyle effects of smoking.

  4. Nike's tagline is "Just Do It." In your own words, what is a tagline?
    A tag line is a phrase commonly used by a company or person.

  5. Name another famous product or company and its tagline.
    McDonald's - I'm loving it

  6. What social issues do you feel strongly about? I feel strongly about smoking.